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    Voter registration, results and election management solutions utilizing mobile electronic capturing technology, production of central site and backup site.

    We have implemented Voter registration, Results and Election management solutions utilising mobile electronic pturing technology. A proven fraud resistant solution, effectively used in a number of African countries with more than 150 million applicants registered and processed.

    Bigradap Group Technologies provides technical assistance, implementation of equipment, material and training allocated on client’s site. This allows us to adapt our system to the client’s specification where the benefits include:

    • On-site installation of all equipment and processing data locally, which allows adapting the system to user specifications

    • On-site training of personnel

    • The use of a single system generating a base of reliable and secure data

    • The use of a simple and reliable equipment capable of operating on solar energy, which can cover the whole country economically

    • The use of materials that do not require extensive computer knowledge by the on field workers Bigradap Group Technologies provides the registration service for Population, Voter, Census, Civilian and Permit Management system support for documentation.

    • This comprises of Logistics: The supply of consumables, Equipment and software for registering the applicants

    Electoral Management

  • Candidate Management System (Equipment, Material and Solution)

  • Objectives:

    • Allow the candidate management for different political party

    • Allow registration of the latter, the REQUIRED Supplied personal details to the eligibility of candidate and updated according to the requirements of the commission.

    • Allows the treatment of candidate exception

    • Allows the production and ballot layout from the system for the different elections

    • Allows the production of secure ballot

    • Allows the audit after the election

  • Results Management System (Equipment, Material and Solution, Media)

  • Objective: To allow the Electoral Commission to communicate the results in a short period after the elections with a platform of the results of audits sources.

    The steps includes:

    • Registration

    • Results Capture

    • Results Presentation

    The Results are captured:

    • Advantages:

    • Auditable

    • Verification before transmission

    • Data is encrypted before send

    • Transmission is Instant

    • ICR verification to the Central Site

    Results are captured using a Results Capture Ki which comprises of:

    • The suitcase

    • Laptop

    • Color printer

    • A4 scanner