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    Our unique software system gives our client the tool to

    • An electronic interactive manual with computer aided instruction texts, embedded links and graphics for easy maintenance and technical environment

    • Simple and user friendly system

    • Facilitates additional users to the system

    • Facilitates upgrades

    • Allows customers to send real time web based enquiries accessible from any geographical point

    Some of our work experience includes categories such as:

    • Locomotives

    • Aviation and Heavy Engine

    • Shipping

    • Military

    Census Management
    Census Management
    Census Management
    Census Management
    Census Management


    C130 Command, Control and Communications systems and Mirage F1 updates for Spain. Cheetah (Mirage) and Oryx (Puma) publications to IETPs using SGML and AECMA specifications and generation of IETP for Martin Baker seats and IPBs for Royal Air Force and UK MoD. Rooivalk,Pumaand light utility helicopter (Agusta A109).IETP. System documentation for SA Navy corvettes from Germany. S1000D based set of DTDs and rules and support manuals for artillery and communications systems installed on SA Army vehicles.


    Upgrade and build of the new freight locomotives began in 2006 and currently all the 9E, 11E, 15E, 18E and 19E locomotives are operational. The upgrades was performed by Transwerk the Koedoespoort Depot and were contracted out to different manufacturing manufacturing companies. These locomotives were initially introduced into service from the early 1970's and have been modified considerably during the last 30 years. The modifications were not fully recorded and ‘start’ baselines for the locomotive’s upgrade had to be established.

    Census Management
    Census Management

    CLASS 20E AND 21E

    In 2014 the production commenced of 121 20E and 378 21E locomotives commenced in Koedoespoort and are being introduced into service in 2015. The main contractor for the new 20E and 21E classes of locomotive is the China South Railways, with the control systems largely being developed and manufactured in China

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    The main contractor for the new 15E and 19E classes of locomotive is Mitsui & Co African Railway Solutions (MARS), with a large part of the new control systems being developed and manufactured in Japan by Toshiba. The typical data set for each of the classes amounted to about 7000 pages. The IEMs are available on the WAN and are used to support both scheduled as well as corrective maintenance task and are updated when technical content changes and are republished onto the WAN, thereby ensuring that technical personnel have access to the latest material.

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