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    Whether organizations manage scanned images, regulated content, computer generated document, large document volumes, or complex file formats, the efficient storage, retrieval and flow of business documents is critical for success. Delivering the right information to the right individual at the right time is fundamental in completing business transactions, satisfying customers and making sound business decisions in a timely manner.Vital information is trapped in stacks of paper or fragmented in silos across the organization. Manual and ad-hoc processes create inefficiency, confusion, and costly delays as knowledge workers waste time searching for or recreating critical information whilst he demands of regulatory bodies continue to increase the complexity and cost of managing information.

    Census Management
    Envisioning the need to manage business-critical documents anywhere and at any time, Documentum was the first to market with a robust, truly scalable Enterprise content management (ECM) solution. Documentum has since become an enterprise EDM standard in across industries such as life sciences, financial services, energy, manufacturing, and governments.Far more than just a database for unstructured content, Documentum delivers a solution for enterprise document management that addresses every stage of the content lifecycle — from creation and capture, through management and delivery, to archival and final storage.


    Documentum helps organizations gain control over the creation and capture of this information through:

    • Authoring tool integration: Integrates with industry standard authoring tools for creating office documents, CAD drawings, rich media, XML documents, and Web content.

    • Scanning and imaging: Reduces paper handling

    • Reduce cost and improves access to key business information by transforming paper documents into electronic images with associated metadata.

    • Forms processing: Enables companies to leverage data and content captured through electronic forms or scanned documents.

    • Enterprise report management: Captures reports from enterprise applications as objects within the Documentum repository to improve information availability and speed decisionmaking.

    • Documentum stores all content types in a unified repository. Once content enters this repository, advanced content services improve information handling and automate business processes. Core content services include version control, library services, workflow and lifecycle management.



    One of the primary challenges in effecting firearm control is the ability to create and maintain an accurate register of all legally owned firearms. The Firearm Control System is an integrated solution that enables the management and administration of firearms and associated licenses throughout the lifecycle of a firearm.

    Enterprise Management

    The system consists of a firearm register where the details of firearms, owners/officials, security service providers, dealers, importers and manufacturers are maintained and managed. The register is initially created by field registration kits that are used to capture the firearm and owner details. The firearm officials administer the firearm register using a web based application that enables them to review and approve applications, issue licenses and certificates, query the registers and draw reports. The approval process associated with issuing of firearm license, certificates and permits managed through a central workflow system that ensures compliance with legislation and regulations. Security Service Providers, Manufacturers, Importers and Dealers interact with the firearm officials via a public web site that enables them to submit mandatory returns.

    Inmate Management

    The Inmate Information Management System is focused on both detention and rehabilitation of inmates.
    From the admission process any of the detention functions such as Admission Details, Incidents, Personal Details, Discipline and Parole Violations, can be accessed. For rehabilitation inmates can be assigned to work teams, sport, recreation and counselling, generating an inmate’s roster. The system features a cashless society including a token reward system.

    The system keeps track of staff in terms of assignments, personal details, medical history and schedules. It allows for the set-up and of committees, with member lists to schedule meetings, update rosters and record minutes. Time-based privileges/restrictions can be defined/ grouped and assigned to inmates. Facility Management allows for facility aspects such as monitoring the security system, managing shift time tables, do cell assignments and log incidents.
    Once the decision has been made to release the Inmate, all of the user definable release procedures are available.