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Bigradap Group Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a specialist IT company with over 30 years of experience in various industries including mining, health, telecommunications, media and entertainment, banking and insurance.


Bigradap Group Technologies provides customised ICT based solutions and services to both private and public organisations worldwide. Through our unique platform called SIMP ™ (Integrated multi-sectoral permanent system) we analyse, design, develop, implement and maintain specialised systems for the client. Using logical intelligence (Intelligence Logic ™), SIMP™ provides business solutions that allows business processes to flow efficiently and effectively. Our tailor-made solutions offer comprehensive and results-orientated solutions to business challenges by providing smart information in real time leading to increased productivity and improved customer service. This ultimately allows the client to manage their organisation, customers, and employees in a simple reliable way. The uniqueness of SIMP™ lies in the fact that with SIMP™, we can either create a new database for the client or import and integrate an existing database.

The core function of SIMP™ focuses on using IT components in a system to analyse, collect, register and process data of legal entities and its assets to form a centralised database. SIMP™ integrates data from a new or existing system. The full life-cycle of an entity can be registered from birth to death allowing access to customised solutions from the SIMP™ platform.

  • Birth

    Birth Certificate, Medical Card, ID number

  • Scholar

    School Registration, Access to Medical Records

  • University Student

    Medical Record, Employment Status, Drivers Licence, Voter Registration

  • Adult | Employee

    Marriage Certificate, Voter Registration, Vehicle Registration, Security Access at Work, Access to Medical Records

  • Death

    Issue Death Certificate, Pension Fund Records

Below are some of the solutions from our SIMP™ Platform

What we do

Our core platform SIMP™


SIMP™ arose from the need to have a unified, centralised system that can provide, manage and customise data for clients’ solutions from beginning to end.


SIMP™ is a system using a combination of IT hardware and software to

  1.  Register and collect data
  2.  Securely transmit the data
  3.  Process, centralise and access data
  4.  Provide an online web module to access the data securely

The database can then be integrated to provide permanent solutions during the lifecycle of the entity or asset, e.g. ID, passport, driver’s license, medical aid, firearm license, a house etc. SIMP™ is the platform that provides the entity with a unique identity that allows it to then have access to other solutions.

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