Civil & Identity

National identity is one’s identity or sense of belonging to one state or to one nation. Governments and private institutions require a secure, reliable and transparent system to register their citizen or employee’s identities and produce a good quality personalised identity document. Bigradap Group Technologies provides a system for civil and identity solutions which can be customised according to the client’s needs from standard to E-services.

This secure system being a full solution, allows for




Once the identification process is completed, a government or organisation is able to control and manage the population in an effective transparent manner. Citizens are able to exercise their rights and have full access to the government facilities that provide civil services such as marriage registration, voter registration etc. Employees are able to access their company services and facilities.

  • Registration with Biometrics Registration Kit

    Applications, Registration Desks, Web Portals

  • Connectivity and Transmission of data

    Secure transmission and integration of data from local sites

  • Central Site Data management

    National Civil Registry, Authorisation, Verification, Production, National Archives, Unique Identity Number

  • Civil and Identity Solutions for:

    Citizens, Public Servants, Foreign Companies

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